Big Trouble is the true story of Margaret Elliott who inherited the toy company Airfix, lived in Mallorca enjoying yachts and princes, and was intimately connected with a 1960s scandal, involving an Oscar-winning star, dodgy films and rotten sausages. Having hosted Mallorca’s biggest ever party, which included a tightrope act over her pool filled with sharks, Margaret travelled the world to do a bit of business, on the way delaying the opening of India’s parliament and, according to her, the Apollo moon shot. When sharks, in human form, eventually got her, she took up painting, for which she was eulogized by the film director Federico Fellini. 

Written by Margaret’s son, a former actor and psychotherapist, Big Trouble spans the heights and depths of his family through the 20th century with humour and pathos.

‘This is a terrific book… moving, funny and insightful.’  Karl French – editor, journalist and reader for The Literary Consultancy.

I truly enjoyed reading this wonderful memoir.’  Benjamin Evans – journalist, editor, and book reviewer for the Observer, Guardian and Sunday Telegraph